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Our Wellnessarea

Be excited of our new exclusive wellness area – consisting of different saunas,
resting rooms, adventure shower, changing room as well as separate private
spa area with duo bath for two and massages.

Our unique wellness area is situated quietly with view to the forest.

Our offers for you:
Indulging massages
Woodruff’s classical massage
Either after a long walk through the forest, tensions or simply as a
relaxing time-out: Our classical whole body massage or partial body
massage will give you new agility and strength for your vacation and
your everyday life.
30 minutes partial body massage: 35,00 €
60 minutes whole body massage:  60,00 €
Bundle massage with herbs of the forest
The pleasant massage with a choice of aromatic herbs from the forest
will benefit you with a deep relaxation. The warmth of the bundle herbs
will throw through your body, it will ease blockages and it will activate
your energy.
60 minutes whole body massage: 89,00 €
Essence oil massage
A pleasant massage with the aromatic healing properties of the forest
will award your body and spirit with balance. You can choice a healing,
relaxing or activating ingredient (e.g. medicinal herbs like rosemary,
mint or essences of birch bark or elderberries) at our aromatic-bar.
30 minutes partial body massage: 40,00 €
60 minutes whole body massage: 75,00 €
Honey massage
The forest and meadows of our surrounding is deliverer for one of our
sweetest healing and miracle cure – honey.
Diverse ingredients will go through your pores and they will be pleasant,
purifying and stimulating as well as they will care for a soft skin.
30 minutes partial body massage: 40,00 €
60 minutes whole body massage:  75,00 €
Body care
Body peeling
We will gently relieve your body from dander which will lead to a pore-free
cleaning. Our honey-peeling with beauty essences will take care of a gently
feeling of the skin.
30 minutes: 28,00 €
Freshness of the woods
After an active day of sunshine your skin will need a refreshing,
cool regeneration and relaxation. We will indulge your body gently with
a balsam of nature oriented ingredients with precious herbs and vitamins.
30 minutes: 28,00 €
Relax arrangement
Indulging program for your feet
Our landscape invites us to extensive walks and hikes. Benefit your feet
with a relaxing foot massage. First of all we will take care of a footbath
with wild herbs for cleaning and relaxation. Enjoy the effect of a
professional foot-calf –massage.  The last step of this indulging program
will be an embrocation of your feet with an essential oil of herbs which
will give you new agility for upcoming excursions.
60 minutes: 57,00 €
Magic of fairy
Immerse into our indulging bath which smells like herbs and flowers.
Enjoy a glass of champagne with wild berries or elder – get enchanted
in the heaven of fairy.
30 minutes: 25, 00 €
Royal bath
While taking a pleasant time-out feel like elector Kurfürst Balduin.
We will prepare for you a bath with a fragrant of nuts as well as
we will pass you a cup filled with wine.
30 minutes: 25,00 €
Romance of the forest
A cuddly bath for two will be the highlight of your stay at our hotel. 
You will enjoy the fragrant bath while listening to romantic music
and enjoying a fruit plate and a bottle of champagne.
50 minutes: 45,00 €




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